Recurring Response Landing - Desktop
Role: UX/UI designer

T Rowe Price Recurring Landing Page Desktop

Optimized the client-facing desktop view of the Account Access section of the site. Users are now able to log-in, manage accounts, and execute transactions more seamlessly. View live work

Recurring Landing Page - Mobile
Role: UX/UI designer

The mobile landing page design is an extension of the desktop format. The tabs have now been replaced by buttons allowing users to move through the site in just one click. View live work

Balance Details - Mobile
Role: UX/UI designer

Enhanced the responsive breakpoint of the balance details page for use on mobile devices. This upgrade provided a more efficient process for T. Rowe price customers, allowing them to compare and contrast mutual fund market values, and improve their judgement when making investment decisions. View live work

Transactions Landing page - Mobile
Role: UX/UI designer

Transformed the mobile transactions landing page into a modular design that stacks information as it moves from desktop to mobile view. It serves as a gateway to all transaction types and adds creativity to the site’s navigation journey. View live work

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